GusApi - Use GUS API to get information from REGON in your project.

GusApi banner


Gus Api plugin is an OctoberCMS plugin allowing to use johnzuk/GusApi library.

The library is based on the official REGON SOAP API.


If you want to connect to the testing version, then install the plugin and you are ready to go.

If you want to connect to production, ensure you have:

  • APP_ENV in you .env file set to production
  • entered your key in backend settings.

Example usage

use Initbiz\GusApi\Classes\GusApi;


$gus = new GusApi();

//With Laravel accent ;)
$initbiz = collect($gus->getByNip('8661738221'))->first();


Right now installing the plugin from Marketplace does not pull vendor with original GusApi dependencies. So, for now, you have to download composer.json file to plugins/initbiz/gusapi directory and in project root run composer update gusapi/gusapi.

It is probably a bug in OctoberCMS’s Marketplace. It was reported but waits for the October team to take action.