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A collection of useful classes and helpers that can save you a bundle of development time.


The PluginRegistrationManager was created to run and merge the output of any register methods from Plugin.php in your system. Using the manager you can define your own registersomething method which returns an array of merged arrays.

The manager is Singleton so the example usage would be as follows:

$pluginRegistrationManager = PluginRegistrationManager::instance();
$registeredDefinitions = $pluginRegistrationManager->runMethod('registerMyPluginDefinitions');


Class with commonly used functions that do not belong to any other helpers.

getUser() : mixed
    Get currently logged in user and timestamp 'last seen'
        mixed — (User || null)

getFileListToDropdown() : array
    Helper to be used in models to list all cms pages in dropdown
        array — pages base file names

getPageUrl(string  $pageCode, \Cms\Classes\Theme  $theme = null) : string
    Get url of page using page code
        string  $pageCode page code
        \Cms\Classes\Theme  $theme theme object
        string — url


Class with string helpers.

random_str(integer  $length, string  $keyspace = '0123456789abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ') : string
    A method by Scott Arciszewski:
    Generate a random string, using a cryptographically secure
    pseudorandom number generator (random_int)
        integer $length How many characters do we want?
        string  $keyspace A string of all possible characters to select from

ucwords(string  $string, array  $delimiters = array(' ', '-', '\'', '"', ".")) : string
    Upper case every word after the delimiter
        string  $string     string to upper case after all delimiters
        array   $delimiters array of delimiters to uppercase after
        string — parsed string

mb_ucfirst(string  $string, string  $encoding = 'UTF-8') : string
    First letter uppercase in string
        string  $string   string to make first letter upper case
        string  $encoding encoding
        string — First letter uppercased string

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